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Wizard Ride 255: ¡Que Vida!

June 29, 2011


Wednesday, 6/29/11

What a life Wizard leads. When I arrived on Wednesday morning, I brought him into his stall from his paddock to feed him some alfalfa hay, under a fan- he lost weight, so I’m trying to put it back on him. Then, he got a good grooming and a very quick ride. We rode outside since there was a breeze and the flies were not too bad. We worked on my equitation and on forwardness, which ended up being a fun ride for Wizard. I focused on my leg and seat, and played slow-and-fast on the long and short sides of the arena. He very much enjoyed the part when I let him hand gallop on the long sides, snorting and digging in as he accelerated.

I cooled him off, gave him another pile of hay, and his work was done. What a life.

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