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Wizard Rides 604-640: Coming Home

April 25, 2014

Boing! Wizard would like to audition to be the Easter Bunny's helper this year.

March 11- April 24

Our bitter, wet, volatile winter is over, whew!

Wizard got his second set of rocker shoes on March 27, and he feels great. We got in several great rides indoors while we were staying at the clinic, including a lesson. We worked on exercises to loosen up Wizard’s topline and get him comfortable on his “new feet.”

On March 31, Wizard came home from the clinic. Although he received first-class treatment at the clinic, he was THRILLED to return to his friends and to outdoor living. I thought he’d take a week or so to settle in, but he was back to his routine in a matter of half an hour or so. And his turnout buddies were DELIGHTED to have him back. I can’t imagine what horses think when their friends vanish and reappear like that.

I’d like to think that the shoeing change is a contributing factor to Wizard’s under-saddle behavior. He’s currently riding the BEST he’s ever ridden! He feels balanced, confident, and relaxed. The massage therapist worked on him on the 3rd of April and the chiropractor saw him on the 8th, and both were very pleased with his muscling and demeanor. He was out in a lower cervical vertebra, his withers, a little tight on the right side of his back, and some minor pelvic asymmetry. His adjustment went well, and the chiropractor said that he looked and felt the best that she has ever seen in the five-plus years that she has been working on him.

I started Wizard back on the Pennfield Energized Senior on January 31, and he’s still eating it very well. He seems to prefer it to the Triple Crown Senior or the Purina Ultium. He’s shiny and his weight looks good, so we’ll stick to what is working.

"Does this angle make my bum look big?"

Once we returned from the clinic to our farm, I did my best to get him out every day that I could make time for him. We’ve been hitting the trails in earnest, especially since there are very few bugs out right now (only gnats). The peepers started around Saint Patrick’s Day, and I’m assuming that the flies will be back soon.

On the trails, sometimes we ride solo and sometimes we ride with barn buddies. I’m stepping up our canter work, and Wizard is rising to the challenge. His trot feels better, too, with more freedom in the shoulder. I also popped him over a few little jumps, and he’s willing, balanced, and scopey. I think we might be ready to take the next step with our training. My fingers are crossed for a great year with him.

Love that pouty lip, Wizard

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