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Wizard: Rides 1-8

September 30, 2008

Welcome Winter

9/13/08 Ride 1: Longed Wizard for 5 minutes in the indoor arena. Walked under saddle for 5 minutes. Wizard was green but game.

9/15/08: Ride 2: Rode outside while Cathy worked with Miss Tuesday. Wizard seemed a little excited about having another horse in the arena but was calm and comfortable.

9/18/08 Ride 3: Rode outside 10 minutes and longed 10 minutes. Mom took pictures of us. Wizard was very confident and comfortable.

9/20/08 Ride 4: Walked outdoors 10 minutes. After the jumper show was over, the instructor at the barn started a riding lesson with a student. I went to Wizard’s paddock for our afternoon session. He saw me, walked over to his friend JR, and tried his best to ignore me. Drat. He hates me. But he did come over when I snapped a carrot. My friend took JR out and we grazed both horses together. Fun, right? Then I groomed him and tacked him up. Then I got on. Then Wizard became a dolphin, porpoising on a big wave. Ugggggh.

He’d walk just fine going toward the barn, but when we walked past a big stock trailer, he’d throw a tiny tantrum! Not bucking or rearing- more like a little kid throwing a fit in a supermarket. He’d make his neck about an inch long and sort of bounce. I set my shoulders back, flexed my heels, kept my hands out of his face, and kept contact with my legs.

I’m being very realistic about my riding abilities these days and thankfully, I did not feel intimidated, but I was surprised! Alibar never, ever did anything like that.

So we walked around a few more times. He porpoised every time he got by the trailer. Then he’d jig a few steps, then he was fine. Every time around. So when I got the walk I wanted, I halted him, counted to five, and hopped off. Then I walked him around the farm in hand for about 15 minutes. Nothing mean or scary, just marched around and asked for a halt or two. I did this to make sure that Wizard did not feel like he got to be untacked after he hopped around. Then I untacked him and groomed a little longer than usual. Then I put him back out with JR. Then I stood by the fence for a while. He came over and was interested in getting some scratches so I pet him a little bit.

9/22/08 Ride 5: Longed 10 minutes outdoors. Wizard was afraid of the jumps in the arena but he gained confidence when he longed near them. Rode 10 minutes at the walk. Wizard was a little shy but responded to my voice and seat.

9/24/08 Ride 6: Longed 10 minutes outdoors. Rode 10 minutes at the walk. Wizard was more confident and comfortable- less concerned with the jumps and barrels.

9/28/08 Ride 7: Wizard did not want to have his mane braided. Longed indoors. Mostly walked on the longe. Wizard stopped a few times to the right and spun left. Got a few good rotations on the longe. Rode 5 minutes at the walk. Wizard was very good.

9/29/08 Ride 8: I asked my friend Sarah to ride Wizard so I could see his progress and see how he looks. She rode him indoors at a walk and a trot. He was sterling! She was very light with her hands and he looked relaxed and willing.

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  1. Lynnae Cummings permalink
    February 19, 2013 2:34 am

    I am so thankful to offtrackthothoroughbreds fb site as they have lead me to your blog. I am so thankful for your blog. I really need the shared information. I have very little experienced with OTTBs and I want to have success with mine. I’m feeling shakey after I fell when my OTTB spooked. Had to be air lifted to a trauma hospital and med biill s are 70 k. But I only ended up having to pay 5 k and my insurance covered the I’m wanting to figure it all out and I think your blog is incredibly educational. Thanks! Lynnae


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