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Spotlight: A Perfect Pony- Diamonds Please, aka “Mallie”

October 10, 2008

Sky and Mallie

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Sky and her pony Mal. Mallie is a 16 year old Arab-type pony. She and Sky compete in hunter/jumper shows and are avid trail riders.

Mallie has a great story: Sky’s mom owned Mallie when she was a young horse but she had to sell her. Many years later, she found Mal again and bought her for her daughter.

Sky’s mom kept Mallie’s ownership a secret for a few weeks- she was boarded at her riding stable and Sky thought that she was a lesson horse. On Christmas morning, Sky unwrapped a framed photo of her and Mallie which had a message embossed on the frame telling her that Mallie is her very own pony.

Sky and Mallie

Mallie is all mare and all pony- Sky is learning a lot from her. She’s becoming a wonderful rider in the process.

I was only a year or two older when I met Alibar. It is a joy to see a budding relationship in the wake of losing my first horse.

The Fairy Princess Pony Leaps Through the Enchanted Forest...

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  1. October 10, 2008 1:47 pm

    Beautiful photos… and great story of Mallie…

    I read and posted earlier today on your post about Alibar and meant to add this to my comment.
    I wanted to tell you about memory glass. I had a pendant done and I love it.

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