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Wizard Ride #21: An Unexpected Test

December 11, 2008


Thurs 12/11/08: Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain… New Jersey got several inches of rain on Weds and Thurs. These are the days when I really appreciate having an indoor arena at my barn.

The horses stayed in the barn on account of the rain so Wizard seemed pleased to get out for a little ride. I brought my mom with me to the barn and she got to see me ride Wizard for the first time in a few weeks. When I got into the arena, there were several people indoors already. Some were schooling and some were getting ready for a riding lesson. During our worst ride (Ride 4), Wizard did a little bit of fussing and hopping when there were a lot of people and jumps in the arena. But a few months later, he responded SO MUCH better this time under even busier circumstances. There were far more people and far more jumps. He chewed on the bit and wiggled his neck but did not disobey or balk at all. And no porpoising ;^) I was pleased because he relaxed each time I asked him to relax. I had expected to get a little new work done but instead, we took an unexpected test and Wizard did very well. Mom was also pleased with his demeanor in the barn. He’s becoming more affectionate and even seems to enjoy grooming a little more.

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