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Wizard: Recess- Of Candy Canes and Liberty Photos

December 13, 2008

These are a Few of my Favorite Things...

Sat 12/13/08: Wizard was introduced to Santa hats. He wore his hat and posed for his photos like a pro. And he gladly accepted candy canes as payment.


After the photo session, I turned Wizard out in the outdoor arena and let him stretch his legs. My friend guided him to the edge of the ring but he needed no encouragement to RUN! He appreciated the size of the ring (over 100 ft x 200 ft) and I finally got to see him gallop for the first time. Although he was an OK racehorse (15 starts, 1 win), he can certainly run a little! After I was done photographing him, I called him and he walked up to me very sweetly. He even did the chewing thing.

After I walked him to prevent stiffness, I grazed him for a while and groomed him. What fun is school without a little recess?

Wizard the Weathervane



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