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Wizard Ride 26: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

December 24, 2008

Conformation photo of a German Shepherd Dog

Wednesday, 12/24/08

The horses stayed in because it rained. Now that Wizard is getting fitter, he requires more exercise. He used to be sleepy and a little lazy when he stayed indoors, but he was a little feisty on Wednesday! When I led him around the property, he hopped around and even pawed out a little bit (the first time I’ve ever had to really admonish him- he is a sensitive guy and just a stern word worked well).

Since the rain let up for a little while, I turned him out in the dryest paddock I could find. Wizard actually hopped around and played more than I’ve ever seen him play before. All of this work is making him a little more playful and full of himself. Watching him buck and strike out made me wonder… “Is he going to be OK when I ride him today?”

Yes, he was great!

I longed him for about 5 minutes. Then, I mounted up and we walked for about 15 minutes. Diego was in the arena with us and Wizard seemed to enjooy the company. We worked on a few big circles and a big serpentine. Then I dismounted and gave him a good grooming. And then I went home to celebrate Christmas :^)

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