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Chronicles of a Snow Sissy

January 17, 2009

Keep Warm!

My boss at my old job used to call people Snow Sissies when they would not drive to work in the snow. I suppose this recent cold snap/clipper system has turned me into a bit of a snow sissy as well. I visited Wizard on Thursday and Friday but I did not ride or longe him due to the weather. When it gets this cold, I feel like it’s not great for a horse’s breathing to do a lot of work. In order to keep him amused, we’ve been working on stretches and a little ground work. He has become quite adept at carrot stretches, but if you try to do a carrot stretch with a Meadow Mint, these are the faces you’ll get:




We worked on a little ground work and I let him spend a few minutes just being a horse tonight. Snort, snort- he really appreciated it.




Tucked him in his stall with two buckets of warm water, and a feed tub of Dengie. The Snow Sissy will hopefully ride again soon.


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