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JR Ride 6; Wizard Ride 49: My Adidas

February 23, 2009

Saturday, 2/21/09

My Adidas

The farrier gave JR a pedicure and a pair of Adidas for Wizard. OK, they were actually a set of half round shoes. But I like to call them Nikes, Adidas, wheels, etc. The farrier was pleased with the overall hoof health of both horses. Hopefully, JR can stay barefoot and hopefully Wizard will be more comfortable in his shoes (if you’re just catching up, Wizard has been footsore so I gave him some time off and now he has front shoes).

After the farrier left, I tacked up JR. The weather was lovely and the barn was very busy. I decided it was a perfect day for showing some new stimuli to JR. I always try my best to keep a training session within the comfort level of the horse and we take just a step out of the comfort zone with each session. It’s not always possible, since we cannot control the surroundings at all times, but I’ve always been taught that a horse learns best when he is stimulated but not overstimulated.

My Approach to Training

JR and I took a walk on the trails behind the farm (in hand, not riding). JR bravely negotiated the trails and was very well-behaved. When we got back to the barn, I longed him for about 10-12 minutes. We worked indoors. There were no jumps in the arena so we were able to to a really nice longeing session. I asked JR to do circles as well as traveling down the long sides of the arena. I’m really pleased with his progress. He really seems to be catching on to the “piece of pie” of longeing: his body is the short end of the triangle and I’m the point of the triangle, with my driving aids making up one long side and the longe line making up the other side.

After longeing, I mounted up and we had a short ride in the indoor arena. We worked at the walk, practicing some basic rein aids. Like many horses, JR bends more easily to the left. I rode for about 10 minutes. At the end of the ride. I asked him to halt and stand for about a minute before I dismounted. JR had listened to me even though there were a lot of distractions at the barn. I have a few lessons scheduled this week and I’m looking forward to taking my riding to the next level with the Yellow Fellow.

After JR was groomed and put away, I tacked up Wizard. I longed him first, then rode at the walk. From what I could see, Wizard appears to be more comfortable in his shoes. He was energetic and a little frisky on the longe line. There were children just outside the arena, where Wizard could hear them but not see them. He listened to me but I could tell that he was distracted. He had one “wahoo!” moment on the longe, when he spun in a fancy pirouette and bolted the other way. I calmy reversed him and he was fine the rest of the time. He’s had about 3 weeks off from any serious work so I’m not surprised that he was a little silly.


I mounted up and rode briefly at the walk. I wanted to get a feel for his stride with the new shoes. I’m waiting for my lesson before I do any more serious riding. Wizard seems comfortable and I’m thrilled. After I rode, we took a walk on the trails (in hand, not under saddle). Wizard was very good, especially since it was a different time of day from our normal sessions.

When we got back to the barn, I let Wizard hand graze for a few minutes and then groomed him. Both horses are shedding like crazy. By the time I was done working with both horses, I was TIRED! My rides were extremely low-impact and short but all the running around, grooming, walking on trails kept me busy. I have a feeling that I’ll get into riding shape much faster riding two horses instead of just one.

JR has Spring Fever

Since their turnout time was abbreviated due to the farrier’s visit, I turned each horse out for a few minutes in the big arena. JR leapt around like a hooligan but Wizard took the time to take a nice roll in the dirt and then he looked like he was ready to take a nap in the remaining sunshine. Maybe he was dreaming about his new sneakers.

My Adidas
walk through concert doors
and roam all over coliseum floors
I stepped on stage, at Live Aid
All the people gave an applause that paid
And out of speakers I did speak
I wore my sneakers but I’m not a sneak
My Adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land
with mic in hand I cold took command
my Adidas and me both askin P
we make a good team my Adidas and me
we get around together, rhyme forever
and we won’t be mad when worn in bad weather
My Adidas..
My Adidas..
My Adidas

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