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Wizard Session 78; JR Session 33: Sarah WHO???

May 12, 2009

"Sarah Who?"

Monday, 5/11/09

It was over 2 weeks since I saw the hooligans. The nice thing abour horses is that they live in the present and do just fine with time off, for the most part.

Wizard and JR are FILTHY but perfectly happy. Feet are a tad thrushy but look good, coats have a thick layer of dust but are glossy, and both horses are in good flesh. JR is completely shed out, and his dapples are impressive. I brought Wizard out and let him graze for a while before he worked. Yummmm. Then I turned Wizard out in the big arena and he galloped around like a yearling. There is nothing as delightful as watching a Thoroughbred run for the fun of it.

My friend Kris stopped by the barn and was interested in learning more about longeing since she recently started leasing a lovely Thoroughbred mare. So Kris got a bit of a longeing lesson! I stood her in the center of the longeing circle with me and first, she held the longe line while I held the longe whip. Then she held the longe whip while I held the line. Hopefully it was a fun exercise and will help her get a feel for longeing.

Wizard longed very well. He was a little on the pokey side, but that’s to be expected after a few weeks of no work. When we worked to the right, he got tense and rushed a bit, but not as much as he sometimes does. It did not take too long for him to settle and actually loosen up a little on his “bad” side.

JR also enjoyed his little workout. He did a little bucking and playing on the longe. I probably should have free schooled him first, but since he was listening to me, it was no biggie for him to have a wahoo moment or two on the longe line.

Next week, Wizard is getting his teeth floated and an exam from the vet. Holding pattern almost over!


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