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JR Sessions 40 & 41: How to Get To Work

June 11, 2009


Monday, 6/8/09 and Wednesday, 6/10/09

Looks like *somebody* is almost ready to get back to work. The swelling in his leg is virtually gone and I think he’ll be ready to longe again in a few days.

Wizard- four off the floor


My grandma has an endearing phrase that she sometimes says when she sees a horse she really likes: “Look at that horse. He really knows how to get to work.” It’s said slowly, with feeling and admiration, “He. Knows. How. To. Get. To. Work.”

JR seems to have figured out how to get to work. He’s longeing like a champ these days. I’m throwing everything I can think of at him- ground poles, asking him to trot through puddles, spirals, straight lines. He does it all. And he’s the Energizer Bunny! Trot, trot, trot. Forward, with contact. A little bend. Good boy. His neck is relaxing and he is bracing less during transitions. On Monday, we longed indoors. On Wednesday, we longed outside in the dressage court. He was better outside, even though it was almost dark. The puddle was fun- he trotted through it like he was trotting cavaletti. Good for the topline. Good for getting to work.

Good things are happening with my ankle. I hope to be in the saddle in the next week or two. And I hope to make a call to the horsey chiropractor very soon.

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