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JR Session 43: Tales of a Worrywart Thoroughbred

June 16, 2009

Scrape, Star, Whorl, Forelock, Cheekbone

On Sunday night, I visited the boys, turned them out in the arena for a few minutes, and put Wizard on the longe line for a few minutes. Although Wizard was sound for our last session (82), the softer, deeper footing of the large arena seemed to bring out the kick injury we’ve been nursing. I could still see the hint of unevenness on a circle on the longe, but not in a straight line. The leg feels good, no heat, etc.

Monday night, I let him exercise himself again.


He played a little harder than I would have expected!

Raw Power

Sliding Stop

Wizard is getting better about his goosiness with grooming, and I think the next chiropractic adjustment will help even more. His hind end feels tight, like it did when I first started working with him last year.

Now we’re working with his worrywart tendencies with the fly spray. Spray his tail, no problem. Spray his legs, he gets a little touchy. Spray his neck, the head pops up. Spray his belly and barrel, he flinches. Spray his hind end, he dances. I mentioned this to a horsey friend, who said she has a 30 year old horse who still does the Fly Spray Shimmy. Some things just don’t go away, I guess.

Crazy Eyes


Monday, 6/15/09

JR also got worked in the big arena with the softer, deeper footing. The footing is not dangerously deep, just deeper than the dressage arena. JR’s longeing circles were back to being banana-shaped and he could not pick up the correct lead at the canter until I put him on the rail of the fence on the longeing circle. He also was sweating more than usual. I worked him less than I do in the other arena since it was apparent that a different group of muscles was being worked.

He was longed in a saddle, since I hope to get back on him sometime soon. My ankle is feeling good. I’m itching to ride, but I need to wait a little longer so I don’t reinjure it.

After our longeing session was over, we did a little work by the mounting block. On Sunday night, I stood JR at the block in a halter and lead line. When I climbed up a step, he PINNED his ears. I asked him to stand on each of the 4 sides on the block and I climbed up and down the steps several times. Monday night, I did the same, and he was much better. Still getting irritated when I climbed up to steps 2 and 3, but by the time I was done, his head was low and he was quietly standing and moving when asked.

Both horses got some good grazing while I thought of new exercises for them. Time to change up the routines a little, methinks.

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  1. June 17, 2009 11:10 pm

    Awesome white balance in this set of pics.
    Could it be that they make these horses look studlier than they are?
    Just wondering. LOL

    And oh, JR never takes a bad picture.
    I’m just amazed you are able to sense the tightness of Wizard’s rear end.
    It must be a woman thing. 😉

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