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JR Ride 51; Wizard Session 86: Happy Trails to Youuuuu…

July 10, 2009


Thursday, 7/9/09

To out an end to the Fly Bonnet Saga, I purchased a Lettia ear net/fly bonnet for the boys. It’s navy blue with grey, green, and burgundy piping. I picked a color that would complement a palomino and a bright bay.

I longed JR for about 20 minutes, working on transitions and asking for a little work on moving in and out on the circle. Then I hopped on and walked around the dressage arena with my barn buddy and Mary the Morgan. Then, we headed on the trails for JR’s first trail ride!

JR has been on the trails with his owner, but he has not gone out with me, except for hand walks. He has shown a lot of greenness in the past. Today, he was sterling. I think that the combined elements of a little work and a fearless trail buddy contributed to our success. We rode for about 25 minutes, going out on a little loop through the woods, and even rode through a part I never explored with Alibar.

On the way back to the barn, we spotted a deer. Mary caught a glimpse out of the corner of her eye but I don’t think JR saw it. I turned his head away from the deer and kept trucking along. I’d like to do a little more de-boogering before we encounter a leaping deer :^)

I was really pleased with JR’s performance. I think that I’ll continue to take him out with other horses for a while before we try a ride on our own. He seems like he’ll be a steady-eddie once he gets the hang of it. He was happy to walk along behind another horse, which is always nice. Walking is good. Not having to be the leader is good.

I hosed him off and put him back in his paddock. He has been outside 24/7 for almost a week and I think it’s contributing to his happy attitude.

Wizard was equally willing and pleasant. My friend wanted to see the other loop of trails so I took Wizard out for a trail walk. He has the most delightful, ground-covering walk and I simply cannot wait to hit the trails with him. He and Mary would probably be a good pair, since she also has a mighty fine power walk. Wizard is bolder on trails than JR. When we were returning from our walk, I took him past a flapping flag. I expected him to give it the hairy eyeball, but he could not care less. I targeted the flag, and he shoved his entire head under it, wearing it as a hat. So much for deboogering him.

After the trail walk, I turned Wizard loose in the big arena. His hind end hitch is improving but it is still visible. I’m looking forward to hearing what the chiropractor has to say about him. And I’m looking forward to riding him again :^)

Anything you can do, I can do better. I can do anything better than you...

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