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Wizard’s Equine Chiropractic Report

July 16, 2009

Equine Acupuncture

Wednesday, 7/15/09

A lot of barn time, not a lot of riding. Wizard got a nice chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture treatment. He was out in a few places, probably from whatever is making his right hind leg hitch. The chiropractor said that it looks like a stifle issue. It looks like he will be on vacation for a while. I’ll keep hand walking and massaging him and I’ll make sure he’s turned out as much as possible. Once he is back to 100%, maybe we can start over with some short trail riding at the walk. Hills are excellent for strengthening stifles.

I used an electric massager (for people) for both horses on Wednesday night. JR was ambivalent, ears held in a neutral position, lips tight. I think he’ll come around to the spa treatment pretty soon. Wizard enjoyed it right away, after the initial concern about it being a set of clippers :^) My plan is to do as much therapeutic work as I can with both horses: stretching, massage, and strengthening.

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  1. July 17, 2009 6:56 am

    If only someone would do all of that spa treatment on us.


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