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JR Rides 53 and 54: Bay, Blonde, Grey

July 22, 2009


Monday 7/20/09 and Tuesday 7/21/09

The Blonde. I borrowed a western saddle for JR and rode him twice in it. The first ride was OK. Not much girthiness (cinchiness- ha!), longed fine for about 5 minutes, walked and trotted a little tensely but OK. The following day, he was backsore again. He was fine on the longe line (another quick 5-minute spin to see how he was moving in it) but was resistant as soon as he stood at the mounting block. His tail was swishing and his neck was tight throughout the ride. I walked him on the trails with Mary the Morgan for about 20-25 minutes. He was tense at first but relaxed toward the end. He just did not feel right. There were ruffled hairs under the saddle and it looked like the saddle was bridging. I think I need to move on with my saddle options.

The Bay. Wizard is enjoying his vacation already. As soon as my car pulls into the driveway, he hollers for the apple he knows I have for him. After he finishes the apple, he hollers for his alfalfa. After the alfalfa, he hollers for his beet pulp/supplement mix. Every day after his snacks, I groom him and graze him as long as time permits. He is fat, sassy, and happy. When he was outside all night, he was great to groom. The day he was in his stall, he was more reactive to grooming.

And what of the grey in your title, Sarah? Who is that pretty thing in the photo? Meet Selena, a Thoroughbred mare. She is sweet and well-schooled, but she has had a long vacation and I’m going to start getting her back in shape. On Monday and Tuesday, I started with grooming, hand walking Selena around the property, a few minutes of clicker work, and a little grazing.

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