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Selena Ride 10: Welcome Back, Welcome Back, Welcome Back…

August 13, 2009

Bright Eyes

Wednesday, 8/12/09

When I arrived at the barn on Monday to an abscess on Wizard’s left hind hoof, I felt a little like Cathy when she throws her arms up in the air and yells, “ACK!” Now that the abscess has drained fruitfully for another day, I am no longer having those “ACK!” moments.

I walked Wizard in hand for about 30 minutes. He is sound on the abscess and his right stifle appears to feel good as well. At the end of the night before I put him outside with JR, I turned him loose in the indoor arena and he stretched his legs. He was buoyant and beautiful- I cannot wait to ride him again.

I groomed JR and turned him loose in the arena for a few minutes. He is getting F-A-T! He needs less grain and more exercise.

Selena’s ride lasted 30 minutes and started with a long walking warmup, with stretching, leg yields, and shoulder-in in each direction. We worked into the trot and I asked her for a forward trot on the long sides of the arena and a small trot on the short ends. It was challenging to bring her back to the smaller trot after the long sides- she seemed to relax into the forward trot on the long sides, which felt nice. I used the relaxing to my advantage and asked her to stretch her head low and into my hands. She was stiff but there was progress and I had her relaxed and long and low for a few strides each way. I rode her in my KK Ultra D-ring bit and this is her favorite bit so far. She accepts the most contact with it. She likes it better than the Happy Mouth mullen D-ring and the Myler Comfort Snaffle. We rode in the arena with Mary the Morgan and after I cooled her out, we lined up like a horse show, stood quietly, and I dismounted. We are getting the hang of each other and I am looking forward to continuing her conditioning and refresher courses.

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