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Selena Ride 13: Bombs Away

August 24, 2009

Hello, Wizard!

Monday, 8/24/09

A busy week kept me away from the barn for several days. I think it’s good for horses to have a few days off here and there, especially a horse who is getting back into a fitness program. Physically, it refreshed Selena quite a bit.

The walk under saddle was OK and we worked on relaxing the topline, followed by work at the trot, including more half halts. I asked Selena to trot behind my friend and her Morgan and we did a few laps around the arena. When we were done with the ride, I halted her before I dismounted. She immediately parked herself out and urinated. I’ve known horses who prefer to urinate in their stalls- perhaps she was holding it for a while since she has been out at night?

I turned Wizard out in the indoor arena and let him stretch his legs, and stretch them he did! He floated around beautifully, making me think yet again about how much I’m looking forward to riding him in two weeks. I brought him back in the barn and gave him a good grooming. As I lifted his hind hoof to clean it, he passed a big pile of manure and some of it landed on me. ARGH! I’ve managed to live 31 years of my life without this happening, but I suppose that’s horses, isn’t it? Never a dull moment.

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