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Selena Ride 17; Wizard Session 88: Across the Street

August 31, 2009

Selena and Me

Sunday, 8/30/09

Another good ride with Selena- short and sweet, about 20 minutes. We rode indoors, part of the ride by ourselves and part with other horses in the arena, which was perfect for schooling purposes. We worked again on our transitions on half the arena, doing about ten in each direction, each time trotting longer. Her posture is relaxing more and she is reaching for the bit with more regularity.

Selena and Me

After I cooled Selena out, I took Wizard out on the trails for a hand walk with Mary the Morgan and her owner (she rode Mary). We have blazed the trails behind the barn before, but this time we took advantage of the daylight and went… (drum roll)… Across The Street.

There is a huge network of trails across the street from the barn. The trees are not as thick so there is more sunlight and the trails are a bit more open. The flies were miserable, so bad that Wizard was throwing his hind end in the air to kick out at them. Next time I take him out, I’ll remember to put a fly hat on his ears. Other than being mauled by insects, he was fantastic. He sniffed the paths like a hound dog and appeared to be quite interested in the trails. We covered a lot of ground, especially with Wizard’s HUGE walk- I got a workout for sure. When we got back to the barn, I turned him loose in the indoor arena and asked him to trot out a few laps around the ring. Looking good!

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