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Selena Ride 21; Wizard Session 92; One for the Road

September 3, 2009

Selena and Me

Thursday, 9/3/09

Last ride before my trip to Saratoga to see Rachel Alexandra’s date with destiny in the 2009 Woodward Stakes :^)

I arranged the cones and ground poles in a larger pattern for my ride with Selena. The cones were in a big rectangle, making a large oval. I put two ground poles in the center so I could ride through to do figure 8s. I’m not sure if it was the time of day or something about my riding, but it took a while to settle Selena and get her as focused as she was for the past few rides. By the end of the ride, she began to reach into the bit, just a little, so I rewarded her by cooling out. I understand that there will be peaks and plateaus, so it was not altogether disappointing to have a just-OK ride.

My mother and I took Wizard for a hike in the woods. We walked almost 5 miles :^)

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