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Selena Ride 25: Hot Air Balloon

September 13, 2009

Wizard Gallops off into the Sunset

Friday, 9/11/09

The horses were indoors all day due to the rainy weather. I groomed Wizard and free longed him in the indoor arena for a little exercise. His belly looked rounder than usual and his left hind leg was a little puffy from his old bug bites. I am suspecting that he was a little gassy. His appetite was good and he was eating, drinking, and acting normally so a little light exercise seemed to be the best course of action. After a few minutes of trotting around the arena, his leg looked better and his belly did not look as puffy. I checked up on him the next day and it seems like whatever it was is gone, thankfully. Seasonal? Cribbing? Indoor/outdoor shift? Could be anything.

I rode Selena indoors with Mary the Morgan. The ride lasted about 35 minutes. I did not quite get Selena to the awesome softness that we got on Monday, but that is OK. As long as I keep feeling progress, it is OK to not have a perfect ride every night.

It is time to shape up my ride plans and really think about my goals. We’ve been doing the same-old, same-old rides lately, transitioning, riding around the cones, and it is OK but I need to help her make progress. We did trot a few ground poles in each direction. One time, she LEAPT over them but every time, she trotted them nicely. It’s not time to jump yet, girl ;^)

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