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Selena Ride 27; Wizard Ride 97: Mrs. Potato Head

September 19, 2009

Yes I can...

Thursday, 9/17/09

Pony pedicure day. I had to go 5 weeks with the herd this cycle because their feet were growing like weeds and chipping a bit from stomping at flies. The farrier was pleased with the amount of foot they grew. It looks like I can still keep Selena barefoot for now.

Mary the Morgan also got a trim. While she was getting her feet done, we all noticed the strangest smell, almost like potatoes. The farrier said that it’s actually the smell of really healthy horse feet- I’m sure Mary’s owner was pleased to hear that :^)

It was dark after the farrier left so we turned the arena lights on and rode Wizard and Mary the Morgan perimeter of the property. Wizard was a little keyed up, but totally manageable and he stood quietly when I asked him to halt a few times. I casually walked him into the arena and walked around a few times, doing a few circles. His neck was tense at the beginning of the ride but by the end, he was relaxed. I had to remind myself over and over to give, give, give, especially when he curled his neck. I rode him for a total of about 15 or 20 minutes, just a little more than the last few rides. I hope to get out on the trails with him soon.

I rode Selena indoors. We followed the same basic ride plan:

– Walk 10 minutes on a loose rein
– Trot work on a large oval, asking for relaxation and stretching in the neck
– Walk in shoulder-in
– Figure 8 at the trot, asking for bend in each direction
– Trot over ground poles that were set up in a line-diagonal pattern
– Walk in serpentines, asking for bend in each direction
– Trot and ask for Selena to chew the reins out of my hands and stretch downward
– Walk until 100% cool

Selena got excited trotting over the poles and hopped over one of them. You can’t take a jumper out of the dressage horse, eh? The ride went well. Now that she is fitter, I want to work more on suppling exercises in order to prepare for more bending. I also want to work more in shoulder-in.

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