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Wizard Session 100: Wish I Could Fly Like Superman

September 24, 2009

Mary jumps a cross rail

Wednesday, 9/23/09

At long last, free jumping night! With Wizard’s injury and our schedules, it has been several months since the last session.

Selena had her fall shots so she got the night off- just a little grooming and a feed tub full of goodies.

Wizard and Mary had a short and sweet free jumping session. Mary was first. We set up the chute with a ground pole and asked her to go forward through the chute and over the pole. Easy as pie. Then we raised it to a cross rail, followed by a small vertical. All the trail riding and dressage work has really strengthened her topline- her jumping form has improved dramatically from the last time she free jumped. She is losing the green form and starting to round and bascule.

Mary takes the vertical

And Wizard? He leapt over the little cross rail like a champ.

Wizard launches over the cross rail

We took it easy with him and he did not miss a beat. The most interesting part of the session was that he was far less attentive to my voice than he was back when I was doing a lot more ground work and longeing with him. But he responded wonderfully to the clicker (click as he jumps to enforce good behavior).

Wizard takes the vertical

Wizard does not have to wish he could fly like Superman– he just does it!

Can’t get enough jumping? Check out the jumping feats of some other species on Equine Ink.

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  1. September 24, 2009 7:07 am

    VERY cool! Wizard is amazing – he looks like such a fantastic horse.

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