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Selena Ride 31: A Quick One…

September 28, 2009

Yes I can, yes I can!

Sunday, 9/27/09

Late night, quick ride. Selena is shedding up a storm and I can see hints of her winter coat. I tacked her up and rode for about 25 minutes in the indoor arena. We warmed up at the walk on a long rein, followed by walking over poles and working on circles at the walk. She had a few really nice moments of contact when I could feel her softly sitting on the bit. It felt great and it was yet another bit of progress for us.

We picked up the trot and I asked her to stretch downward on a large oval. We moved on to a figure 8 and then trotted serpentines. There were three sets of ground poles set up and for variety, I asked her to trot through them the long way (not over the poles, but through the “chute”). The poles were quite narrow on one set but she gamely responded to my leg and trotted on.. the sign of a good jumper :^)

We moved on to some lengthening at the trot with half halts, and then closed out the ride with a little more work on bending on circles. I can feel her having “aha” moments and then she flexes, takes contact, etc.

I cooled her out at the walk, gave her a good grooming (MORE shedding!) and put her outside for the night, next to Wizard and JR. They all seemed to enjoy the cool night air.

Possibly my quickest barn trip ever- I’m normally a bit of a dawdler.

“Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello…”

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