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Wizard Session 104: My Guys

October 3, 2009

Wizard and his stray bangs

Friday, 10/2/09

My husband visited the barn with me today. He’s not a horsey guy but he visits every so often to see how things are going. We’ve been doing a lot of hiking lately so we went for a hike with Wizard. We hiked a little over 4 miles and it was a wonderfully cool day. Wizard crinkled his nose when we got near the pigs but he did not hesitate at all as we walked past them. I was armed with carrots and I rewarded Wizard for halting at road crossings. Now that bow hunting season is in session, my friends and I have started wearing bright yellow safety vests when we are out on the trails. We plan to get bells for the horses, too.

After our walk, I scrubbed Wizard’s ankles in case there were any chiggers or tick nymphs still out on the trail. No bites yet, thank goodness. The Betadine scrub has done the trick every time I used it.

Wizard got a little playtime in the big arena to stretch his legs. There is a chunk out of his hoof wall of his right hind leg- it looked like he stepped on it somehow. It did not bother him at all when he was walking or playing but he did lift it up a few times when I was cleaning his legs. I think it will naturally roll with the curve of his hoof as long as we keep riding/hiking on good footing.

A wonderful day with my guys :^)

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