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Selena Ride 35; Wizard Ride 107: Indian Summer

October 12, 2009

Wizard and me

Thursday, 10/8/09

Ahhhh, such a lovely day. Days like this make me forget that WINTER is on the way.

Rode Selena in the outdoor arena for about 40 minutes, including a long walking warmup and cooldown. The changes in her topline and gaits are really impressive. It is such a pleasure to ride her and feel her learning with each ride. The ride itself was not particularly demanding, but there was a lot of activity around us and she kept focused and relaxed while horses were brought in and out at feeding time.

Selena and me

I rode Wizard on the trails and my mom walked with us. We were out for about an hour. It was one of the best rides I’ve had on Wizard so far. At the pigs, he was tense but he passed them with the help of my mom, who walked by his side. He crossed the street like a pro. The up-and-down trails were no problem. On the trail back to the barn, he stretched his neck down, relaxing and swinging his back just a bit. Ahhhhhh, just a few more days with weather like this…

Indian Summer
Summer, you old Indian Summer
You’re the tear that comes after June-time’s laughter
You see so many dreams that don’t come true
Dreams we fashioned when Summertime was new…

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