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Selena Session 43; Wizard Session 113: Kill Your Television

October 26, 2009

Selena and Me

Sunday, 10/25/09

Seems like everybody I know was watching TV tonight: football, baseball, Sunday night programs. After I left work, my first thought was the barn :^)

Wizard got a bucket of Alfa Supreme and a rice bran mash. He is loving the rice bran!

I tacked Selena up in a surcingle and a bridle and did a longeing session with her. She was obedient but I don’t think she got a lot of training on the longe in her past. One of the reasons she did not get longed much is because she is so good under saddle :^)

After warming up at the walk, I asked for a trot in both directions. She broke into a canter several times and I gently corrected her and asked her to trot. We probably longed for about 15 minutes, including warmup and cooldown. Even though it is rarely needed for a horse like her, it is a good thing for horses to know how to go on a longe line, for training, rider fitness, and for veterinary evaluation.

Wizard looked like an old pro after working with Selena. I longed him very lightly (I’m trying hard not to stress his stifle) at the walk and trot. Then, we went back to our long-lining exercises. He already was more forward and bold to the left since our last session one day ago. To the right, he stopped once and pinned his ears- interesting! I coaxed him forward and we walked toward the gate to get a little forwardness and straightness. We halted twice and I heaped on the praise. He continues to be a quick and sensitive pupil.

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