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Wizard Ride 122: “Mary” Christmas

December 18, 2009

"Mary" Christmas

Thursday, 12/17/09

Mary the Morgan was kind enough to do a little Santa hat modeling. We were working with the last shreds of sunlight but ended up with some nice images.

What started out as a quick barn trip ended up being a really productive session with Wizard. I expected to do a little groundwork and go home but Miss Tuesday‘s owner came to the barn to ride so I had a riding buddy. Since Wizard was looking a little stiff, I put a quarter sheet on him, as well as my Thermatex cooler/rug to warm up his muscles. We did a but of hand-walking, followed by some low-key longeing. After longeing, I attached long lines to the bit and did a little ground driving/long lining with him. He is getting much better about being worked on his right side. He stopped a few times but I was able to keep him forward and relaxed without a whip, just my voice. We did serpentines and circles and added a few halts. It looked like he had loosened up and he was quite responsive so I mounted up and rode for a quick ride at the walk. We rode in a large oval and I concentrated on keeping him loose and relaxed. It felt good to ride him again :^) He has an appointment to have his shoes pulled on Friday so he will be barefoot for the rest of the winter.

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