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Wizard Ride 125; Paris Ride 9: Froggy Jamboree

March 26, 2010

Wizard's Happy Feet

Wednesday, 3/24/10

With springtime comes rain, sunshine, and the return of the screaming frogs- it’s a regular Froggy Jamboree. And I get to ride outdoors, which is a total delight. A friend visited the barn and got to meet Paris and watch our ride. Each time I ride Paris, our communication is improving. Our ride was basic since I was mostly working on my leg and hands. We worked at the walk and trot and she was bending beautifully by the end of the ride. It really helps my equitation to ride such a balanced and well-trained mare.

I also rode Wizard for about 15 minutes. He was very willing but worked the bit nervously, flickered his ears, and moved tensely. We did just a little bit of trotting at the end of the ride. In hindsight, I should have let him trot around the arena loose before my ride. No biggie, there’s always tomorrow :^)

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  1. Vickie permalink
    March 28, 2010 12:58 am

    Screaming frogs!! YES!

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