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Wizard Ride 143: Ladies’ Night

May 12, 2010


Monday, 5/10/10

Poooor Wizard was surrounded by girls, yet again. Wizard and I went on a trail ride with my barn buddy and her Warmblood/Thoroughbred filly. He did not seem to mind, as long as the filly did not try to pass him or walk too close :^) We took the short trail loop across the street and were out for about 30 minutes, all at a walk. Wizard is very nice to ride alone on the trails, but he is definitely a little better in company.

When we returned, it was getting dark, but we rode in the big arena anyway. The lights from the barn illuminated the arena just enough for us to see where we were going. We chatted and walked for about another 10 minutes. When the filly walked close to Wizard, he pinned his ears and made a face. Now I KNOW that he had to ride in close quarters as a racehorse, since most are ponied on the track, so this was an opinion of his and not inexperience. I asked him for just a little trot work, about five minutes, and he trotted beautifully, really stretching into the bit a few times. Then, we went back to the walk. And voila… no more mean faces at the filly!

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  1. Tamara permalink
    May 12, 2010 11:20 am

    I would think on the trail, Wizard’s conflicts with the Filly were just about who’s the leader.

    But back in the arena, could it be Wizard was just telling the Filly… “Hey, I got work to do here so leave me alone! I’m trying to focus.”?

    I know I get annoyed when somebody comes up to talk to me while I’m trying to concentrate. (I’m like, can’t you SEE by the knit of my brow that I’m focused on something here???”

    I’m always surprised at how smart and feeling horses can be (well, maybe not surprised, but certainly excited!).

    Thanks for sharing in your blog. Love it.

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