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Wizard Ride 147: Glutton for Punishment

May 30, 2010

Make way for Wizard

Tuesday, 5/25/10

Wizard is fine- the glutton would be your fearless narrator. So even though I threw out my back and it was just starting to feel better, I foolishly rode two days in a row. My back was fine after Monday’s ride (long trail walk with a little trot work at the end), but it was quite sore after Tuesday’s ride.

But it was a great ride! I rode in the large outdoor arena after dark under the lights. The weather was warm and heavy and Wizard was a little slow to get going, but still responsive to the aids. We worked on some simple bending exercises as well as transitions within the gaits (small trot, big trot, small trot). Wizard always perks up and really seems to get into that exercise, snorting and throwing his ears around.

Once he was responding well to my leg and hand, we worked at the canter. I rode him on a half circle and we did about 5 or 6 rotations in each direction. His right lead was a little sticky and it took a few tries to get it, but he held it once he got it. He starts out a little tense and unbalanced with each trot/canter transition, but the softer I ride, the softer he gets. I usually like transitions for rebalancing, but right now I am just doing half halts since his trot-to-canter is still awkward. As he continued in the canter, I was able to soften my hands and give, give, give with my hands. I was able to sit a little deeper and use my seat. It was a lot of work, but it felt great. And my aching back reminded me exactly how much work it was. Argh. More time off until I am 100%. At least the horse is going nicely.

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