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Wizard Ride 150: Bits and Pieces

June 17, 2010


Wednesday, 6/16/10

Wizard is getting his stitches out on Saturday. The laceration is healing nicely. He wears a fly mask during turnout to keep the area free from debris and to keep him from popping a stitch. He’s off his antibiotic and he was feeling perky so we got back to riding.

Since the browband sits directly on the spot where he has his stitches, I took a few bits and pieces off the bridle. I removed the browland and the cavesson, leaving only the cheekpieces, throatlatch, and crownpiece (and bit). The bridle looks a little like a western bridle or a racehorse bridle, but with less style.

We rode in the indoor arena for about half an hour, working at the walk and trot. My goal was to keep him loose and relaxed and get a feel for any differences after his chiropractic adjustment last week. He definitely felt more flexible and was offering lots of stretching. After he was warmed up at the walk and trot, we worked on very large circles, changing direction and asking for a stretch. Wizard complied beautifully- it was a great return ride after an unexpected layoff.

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