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Wizard Ride 162; Straight Line

July 31, 2010


Wednesday, 7/28/10

The farrier put new shoes on Wizard on Wednesday. He gave me the wonderful news that Wizard is not wearing down the outside of his right hind shoe nearly as badly as he did in the past. YESSSSS! Hopefully, this means that he’s fitter and he’s traveling less crookedly than he was in the past.

After the farrier appointment, I tacked him up and we took a spin on the trails. We had not ridden trails in a while, mostly due to the flies. They were not as bad since it was getting dark, but we both still got a few bites. We trotted for most of the ride and it felt great to get out. When we returned, I rode him in the big arena for about 10 minutes, mostly doing more work at the canter, continuing our relaxation techniques from Monday night’s ride. I did not bother to turn the arena lights on since I could see enough by the lights of the barn. It was fun to canter around in the dark. When we were done, I hosed him off the put him to bed.

I always stand by walls and try to humour fools.
Am I moving in a straight line?

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