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Wizard Rides 213, 214, 215, & 216: Life Begins at the Hop

February 28, 2011

Wizard and Me

Thursday, 2/17/11

Fizzy. Wizard was fizzy indeed. We rode outside. He reminded me of his great-grandsire Seattle Slew when he did his famous “War Dance” in the paddock before races (click for video). I felt in control during the ride, but it felt like he had about five shots of expresso before the ride. We did a really easy ride, and I basically stayed out of his way and asked for a few transitions.

Friday, 2/18/11

Wizard is beginning to de-fizz. I rode him outside under the lights, and he settled twice as quickly as the day before. Again, our ride was very basic since we’re both getting back into shape. Walk, trot, canter, circles.

Saturday, 2/19/11

WINDY! I rode outside again, but the wind was wild so it cut our ride pretty short. We rode outside with a barn buddy and Wizard was even better than he was the day before.

Wednesday, 2/23/11

It was a COLD night, but the ground was unfrozen so we braved the elements and rode under the lights outside. Before I rode, I turned Wizard loose to limber up by himself. Our ride was short but really nice. He picked up each lead the first time and was softer on the bit at the walk and trot. Wizard has a really nice mind- he rode outside in the dark under lights alone and never turned a hair.

My plan is the put together a few exercises to add some structure back to our rides in the upcoming weeks.

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  1. February 28, 2011 9:22 pm

    XTC ? They had but one hit during the MTV era.
    That’s all I know about them 😯
    Other than the fact that they’re using the same microphone as these guys are in Driver’s Seat.
    Another U.K. one hit wonder from that same year, Sniff N the Tears.

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