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Wizard Session 218: Ready, Steady, Go

March 29, 2011


Monday, 3/28/11

READY. Wizard is ready. He is almost shed out, his weight is ideal, and he needs a job. I’ve mostly been letting him free-longe in the arenas, but I decided to longe him after he danced around like a goofball during a grazing session. I tacked him up, and longed him at the walk and trot without side reins. He fussed about longeing to the right (as usual) but settled as soon as his mental wires were uncrossed.

Once he was warmed up, I put the side reins on and we did more trot work in each direction. He broke from a fast, worried trot into a canter to the right, and I got him settled again and he actually stretched into the bit a few times.

I longed him a few more circles without side reins to let him stretch and cool down, and then put his fabulous Moxie cooler on him and walked him til he was cool. I have an appointment with my doctor this week, and hopefully she’ll give me the green light to get back in the saddle. I know Wizard’s looking forward to it!

Happy Birthday to my dearly-departed Alibar, foaled 3/28/79

Alibhai's Alibar- foaled 3/28/1979

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