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Wizard Ride 223: Shake the Disease

April 14, 2011


Wednesday, 4/13/11

Ride? Did I say “ride”? Yes, I did!!! It’s been way too long- over a month, to be precise. I turned Wizard loose in the indoor arena to let him stretch his legs since he’s been stalled quite a bit due to rain recently. I then tacked him up and longed him indoors. He was a star. He WALKED and trotted like a pro in both directions. I noticed him stretching down into the bit more than he has in the last- it looks like he’s losing some of the tension about longeing to the right. Maybe his brain has successfully rewired itself again about longeing.

After he longed about 20 minutes at a walk and trot, I got on and cooled him out at a walk. He barely broke into a sweat, so it seems like he is getting fitter. It was SO NICE to be back in the saddle. I was dying to trot, but I knew I should take it easy. Dismounting was the toughest part. I did not want to jar my back by landing on my feet with a hop, so I slid down from the saddle as slowly as I could. My barn friend called it “the dangle”.

Wizard had just a little bit of nasal discharge, and I’m watching to see if he has a cold. His temperature is normal. Hopefully it’s nothing- his appetite is good and he is acting like his usual quirky self.

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