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Wizard Rides 227, 228, 229, 230: Screws Get Loose

May 9, 2011


Tuesday, 5/3/11

After a great day photographing racing at Atlantic City Race Course, I hurried to the barn to catch the last bit of daylight. I took a trail ride with my two barn friends and their mares, Lily and Philly. We took the short loop and got back just before dark. I then did some ring work with Wizard, who was feeling fresh from the erratic riding schedule. I rode him in a Stubben EZ Control D-Ring , and he seemed to like it. I focused on lateral work, and by the end of our ride, he was softening and relaxing nicely.

Wednesday, 4/27/11

Great ride! I really concentrated on doing specific exercises and did not let myself meander around the ring. We did transitions from walk to trot, which made our canter departures very balanced. I was even able to get a walk to a canter! We did some bending work, which dovetailed into softer circles. It was one of the best rides we’ve had in a while.

The Little Engine that Could

Tuesday, 4/26/11

Bath day for Wizard! I also rode him outside and he was a little unfocused. I’m not sure if it was the bugs or my riding, but he was not as good as he was on Monday.

Monday, 4/25/11

Wizard and I took a trail ride at a walk, and then did some relaxed work in the arena, focusing on stretching exercises and loosening his topline. He was happily snorting and seemed to enjoy the work.

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  1. May 11, 2011 10:47 am

    Holy fancy trot, Batman! He looks fantastic – and so do you – light and balanced. Very pretty picture in every sense.

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