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Wizard Ride 245: In the Dark Places

June 14, 2011

The Gloaming

Monday, 6/13/11

I got out of work late, and it was getting dark as I tacked Wizard up for our ride. We went out on the trails with Philly and Lily for a ride around the short loop across the street. Riding in the dark is a trust exercise, both for horse and rider, and for the intrepid rider who happens to be on the lead! During my time in front, I ate my share of spiders and spiderwebs, I am sure. Lily and Philly both took turns on the lead, but Wizard mostly stayed in front. The horses can see the trails just fine, but riders must beware of kneecaps being smacked by trees! All three of us emerged from the woods, mostly unscathed, to darkness, and returned safely to the barn.

Wizard and I took a few trips around the big outdoor arena at a loose, relaxed trot. His head was stretched just as far down as it could go. The air was cool, and Wizard enjoyed a night outside with his paddock buddies, Indy and JR.

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