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Wizard Ride 248: Bust a Move

June 21, 2011


Monday, 6/20/11

Monday looked like it was going to be the nicest day of the week, and I got out of work at a reasonable hour. After taking some artsy photos of Wizard (I’ve been neglecting the poor guy in my photo portfolio lately), we tacked up and hit the trails with Rachel and Lily. There has not been a lot of rain lately and the ground was firm, but the horses handled it fine. We trotted most of the ride, cantering down the nice flat lane, and walking in the narrow spots.

Along the last long leg of the trail, Lily decided she should trot alongside Wizard, and it was fun! There were no snakey faces or sideways glances, and they kept in step with one another. It’s funny, because I sometimes think Wizard thinks she’s his track pony.

Back at the barn, I removed a tick, groomed him, and gave him some hay. Wizard has dropped weight in the past few weeks and I’m trying to figure out why and work on it.

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