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Wizard Ride 252: Goodbye Horses

June 26, 2011

Philadalphia's Choice

Friday, 6/24/11

Before work, I took a trail ride with my friend Kris and Philadelphia, the Morgan mare she was leasing. Philly is an amazingly awesome mare, and she is heading back to her owner this weekend. We’re all going to miss her very much, but it helps to know that she is in very good hands. Kris and I took the big loop of trails, and rode the route backwards from our usual direction. Philly was full of pep, and trotted a few parts of the trail, much to Wizard’s surprise. Due to the recent rain, there were a few big puddles along the trail, and Wizard marched through them all. The rain also made the trees quite wet, and the low-hanging branches gave us a shower as we ducked under them. The flies were bad on one leg of the trail, but the rest of the ride was pretty clear.

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