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Wizard Ride 254: I Am a Tree

June 28, 2011

Monday, 6/27/11

Two days after our adventures in Assunpink and in the Horse Park of New Jersey, Wizard and I embarked on a trip to the New Jersey Forest Nursery with Lily and Rachel. Map Here.

Wizard was displeased with the deerflies on the way out. I had doused him in fly spray and rubbed his ankles with Belly Balm. Our last trip to the tree nursery was over as year ago, but with only a few wrong turns, we arrived there pretty easily. Wizard got tense and a little snorty through some of the hairier parts of the ride, but for the most part was pretty good. He balked just a bit at a big hill, but then was willing and rode up it. He was a sweaty from nerves, but kept his cool.

We crossed the wooden bridge with ease, and hopped a few little logs. In the back of the tree farm is a long horsepath, which is delightful for trotting and cantering. The footing is a little sandy but not too loose, and the path is wide enough for two horses. Wizard had several Bill the Cat moments (photo below) and forgot how to place his feet, but was controllable even when he was excited. By the end of the loop, he was beginning to find his rhythm. It reminded me of how he used to ride on the farm trails. Time fixed all those issues, and I think the same will happen if we ride the tree farm more often.

Wizard walked nicely the whole way home, through the neighborhood (video above), and down a new trail in the woods. Lily, as always, was sterling.

I hope to get out to the tree farm more often this summer. The horse path is a wonderful place to work on trotting and cantering up and down gentle hills.

Back at the barn, Wizard got a bath and was put to bed with hay.

Practice, practice, practice.

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