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Wizard Ride 257: Goon Squad

July 6, 2011


Friday, 7/1/11

After work, I headed out to the barn for a trail ride with Rachel, her mare Lily, Rachel’s friend, and Goon, the new Spotted Saddle Horse that Rachel has on trial for her father. Goon is a handsome horse, and they were interested in seeing how he would do on the trails. We rode the usual loop, about 4 miles. Goon sometimes rode in the middle, and also rotated with me and Wizard and took the lead a few times. It was great practice for Wizard, and he did very well. The deerflies were the worst part of the ride- they get downright bloodthirsty on one sandy trail on the way back to the barn.

After we got back to the barn, I took Wizard for a spin around the outdoor arena, working on an easy trot and canter. Then, I cooled him out and put him to bed.

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