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Miss Tuesday Ride 3 and Wizard’s Chiropractic Report: Summer’s My Season

August 22, 2011

Miss Tuesday

Saturday, 8/20/11

I was at my friend’s barn visiting her and her filly, Brigid. Two riders returned from a trail ride, raving about the weather and lack of bugs on the trail. I hiked while my friend rode in the park, but I longed to ride the trails, and made a phone call to a friend. She said I was welcome to ride Miss Tuesday in Assunpink Wildlife Management Area. Whoopee!

I saddled up (with her fabulous County saddle!) and we walked through the park for over an hour. Due to the recent rain, we avoided the most boggy parts of the park, and rode through soybean fields, woods, a stream, and up and down hills. Here’s a video…

On Monday morning, the chiropractor did an adjustment and acupuncture treatment on Wizard. She said she felt the same soreness in his right hip that my friend felt, as well as a little soreness along the his back on the left. I asked if it felt like saddle soreness, but she did not think it was. She did a few cervical and thoracic adjustments, and was pleased with how he responded. She also liked his topline and neck muscling. After his adjustment, I hand walked him for a while and then hand-grazed him in the warm morning sun.

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