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Wizard Ride 274: Easy

September 6, 2011

Wizard has stars on his saddle pad because he's a wizard

Thursday, 9/1/11

Wizard and I took it easy on Thursday, riding in the outdoor arena with Kris and her Mustang mare, Sunny. My mom took some pictures of us riding- it is great to see how Wizard is progressing.

Kris and Sunny are doing really well, too! It’s a delight to see her getting to know her new mare. They are a great team.

Kris and Sunny

We warmed up at the walk and trot, doing circles in each corner, and progressing to shallow serpentines. Throughout the ride, we kept things simple and relaxed. I worked on incorporating trot poles and a few little cross rails into the flatwork, as Carole and I discussed in our lesson. The warm air and a long week made me a little lazy, and our ride was definitely an easy one for Wizard.

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