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Wizard Ride 279: In the Congo

September 13, 2011

Sunday, 9/11/11

The weather was not as sunny/muggy as Saturday, and there were not nearly as many creepy, nasty bugs. Kris and I went out for a quick afternoon trail ride before I had to get to work (Keeneland sale = late shift for me).

We rode a similar loop to the ride we did on Saturday, but in the opposite direction. Our Jackson, NJ safari began with a deer sighting. Sunny the Mustang led the way in the beginning of the ride, and it was a riot to see her change from her laid-back, placid self when she’s walking behind the leader to the alert, boss-mare trail leader when she’s in front. Her ears are up, and she has a purposeful walk as she marches along the trail. It’s so nice to ride with an adjustable horse like her. We rode through the puddles on the old training track, and crossed the street to the lovely flat cantering lane. Kris said she was ready for her first trail canter with Sunny, so Wizard and I led the way and he leapt into a canter from a trot with little urging. And I waited to hear Sunny’s strides change… but all I heard was a ground-covering trot! It turns out that Sunny has a seriously efficient extended trail trot, and was able to keep up with Wizard’s canter the whole time. We walked the last leg of the trail ride (video linked above), and got back to the barn in time for me to be only a little late for work :^P

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