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Wizard Session 308: Soon Enough

November 12, 2011

Wizard ran his own Breeders' Cup Classic today

Saturday, 11/12/11

Wizard had a short longeing session under the lights in the outdoor arena. I think the new shoes are helping him to be less “chicken hocked” in his movement. His action is not quite as snappy and is a little more smooth and flowy. The footing was dry and a little sandy, so it was not the perfect test.

He did not put a foot wrong the entire time. He longed like an absolute champion. When I tacked him up, he got a little snarly when I was tightening the girth on his right side, and did not really care about the left side.

My plan is to keep working on strengthening Wizard in his new shoes before resuming under-saddle work. We’ll be riding again soon enough.

The dentist floated his teeth on Thursday. I was not there for the appointment, but my friend babysat Wizard and said he was a good egg. He still had signs of a little bit of his “wave mouth” on one side, but the dentist worked on it, and said it was not too bad.

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