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Wizard Ride 340: Let’s Go Back to Work

March 10, 2012

Wizard and me

Saturday, 3/10/12

I fell into a bit of a funk when my back started feeling funny, and I was only heading out to the barn to groom Wizard and prepare his medicine. I also was pretty wrapped up in some photo projects. But today, I hopped on and had a REALLY great ride!

We rode in the dressage arena, where the footing was shallow and pretty firm. There was actually a little crust over the sand, but when we walked over it, we broke the crust. Right when I got on, Wizard did his unhappy dance, pinning his ears and kicking a few times. But it was a pretty mild version of the dance. As we walked toward the arena, he did a few more kicks. But the ONLY resistance I felt during the entire ride was right at the beginning. He swished his tail when I picked up the reins, but all of his transitions were perfectly willing. I was as subtle as possible with my leg aids, and just kept my hands quiet and “there” for him. We only did trot work, but I tested him with a leg yield each way and a little shoulder in. No fussing, no fighting.

It the Lyme treatment finally working? Is his annual springtime awesomeness showing up and his annual wintertime funk ending? Was it a fluke? Only time will tell. I hope this means we can get back to work. He’s such a fun horse.

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