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Wizard Sessions 375 & 376: Rollin’ Over

July 2, 2012

Sunset grazing with Wizard and Sunny

Friday, 6/29/12

After work, Jon and I headed to the barn and we went out for a hike with Wizard. Kris and Sunny joined us. We walked down to Stone Tavern Lake, where the horses cooled off in the water. Wizard took great delight in pawing at the water. Sunny liked the lake, but was not overjoyed like Wizard was. Some people in canoes paddled over and watched the horses playing- you can see them in this video:

After we left the lake, we headed up through one of the fields back to the barn. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Wizard hit the ground. That cheeky horse found a nice sandy spot after his dip in the lake and ROLLED! He did not make a production of it with the catlike pawing and circling- he just ROLLED. I guess the sand was just too inviting. I would have scolded him more if it was not so hot out and if it was not such a perfect rolling scenario.

Our little group wandered our way back to the road and headed back to the barn, where we hosed the horses off and put them to bed. I think we covered about 2 or 2 1/2 miles.

Sunday, 7/1/12

It was another hot day, and the bugs were hungrier with all the humidity. I took Wizard out for another walk in the park at sunset. This time, we were all alone. He was antsy when he was being groomed because he was separated from Sunny, but once we were out in the park, he was fantastic. We worked on walking slowly and briskly, and I let him stop to graze a few times. We were out for about 35 minutes, and walked up the “bowling pin” hill, and down the cinder road. I really enjoy hiking with Wizard, and it’s helping me gain strength in my core/back.

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