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Wizard Sessions 387, 388, Ride 389: Sore Thumb

July 29, 2012


Wednesday, 7/25/12

After work, Jon and I took Wizard for a hand walk. We went out the big back field behind the Horse Park, up to the “bowling pin”, and down the road back to the barn. The weather was stunning, and we had a really nice walk in the park.

Friday, 7/27/12

After work, I took Wizard for another hand walk, around the same route as Wednesday, but with a reversed path. I’m getting fitter from the hiking, and Wizard seems to enjoy it, despite the buggy nights. Unfortunately, he lost weight again. I’m going to take a good look at his feed plan, and I think he is going to need to go back on some senior feed for part of his ration.

On the way back to the barn at the end of our walk, I tripped over a root, took a dramatic fall, and somehow landed on my thumb in the process. Thankfully, Wizard stepped away from me and stood quietly instead of trampling me. Extra carrots for him. My thumb is swollen- I’m guessing it’s a sprain.

Saturday, 7/28/12

In the morning, I went for a ride with Kris and Sunny. We were out for about an hour, riding from the back field behind the barn to the fields by the lake to the “bowling pin” field. Wizard was a little perky, but behaved himself very well. I kept my thumb immobilized with Vetrap- it worked very well.

This week, I saw countless rabbits, plus some sort of bird of prey, plus a fox. Ahhhh, the great outdoors…

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