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Wizard Session 390, Ride 391: Dogs

August 2, 2012

Scrape, Star, Whorl, Forelock, Cheekbone

Tuesday, 7/31/12

The hounds of the Monmouth County Hunt Club bayed ominously when Cathy and I embarked on our trail ride, but whatever set them off had come and gone by the time we rode past the hunt club. Wizard and Miss Tuesday both set off at a good pace, and we rode across the street from the Hunt Club and down a path back toward the barn. We discovered a wooded trail that takes people from barns on the same road as ours out to the Assunpink.

Once we hit the end of the trail, we turned around and rode back down the path, across the street, and out to the fields that connect us to the main “bowling pin” field. The flies were worst in the woods by the barn, and were not as bad once we were out in the fields. We were out for nearly an hour and a half… a great pre-workday ride.

Monday, 7/30/12

After work, I chased daylight and made it out to the barn for a quick evening walk with Wizard. We did the short loop up the hill and down the trail near the cinder road. Up the hill, I did a little bit of jogging. It was amusing to watch Wizard try to decide if he should walk or trot with me. He gained a bit of weight. Here’s hoping he keeps gaining.

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