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Wizard Rides 394, 395, & 396: Staring At The Wall

August 16, 2012

Paw, paw, splash, splash, bubbles, bubbles. Wizard loves his water crossings.

Saturday, 8/11/12

Kris and I took a ride in the Assunpink, starting out in the field behind the barn and then crossing the street to the Hunt Club side. We did just a little trotting down the long lanes, and rode straight out past the lake to some wooded trails. Due to the recent rain, the footing was a little sticky. Sunny and Wizard both handled the logs and inclines very well. Wizard was a little bottled up because Sunny walks at a more leisurely pace than he does, but he behaved himself. I was able to ride him behind her for parts of the ride, which shows great improvement over the old Wizard, who always wanted to be the leader. We rode for about an hour and fifteen minutes.

Wizard’s weight is holding steady at 966 lbs (weight taped), so we increased his grain. He’s getting a little over 8 lbs per day now, plus 24/7 pasture and hay. Even though he’s relaxed in his pasture, he is still a very active horse, and I think he just burns more calories in this lifestyle. Thankfully, the barn owner is very willing to work with us until he gets back to his ideal weight.

Sunday, 8/12/12

Kris and I went out on the trails again, this time heading through the little creek (pictured above) and out to the old sheep farm. We rode through the soybean field and out to the road where there is a little cross rail (thank goodness for landmarks!) and then we turned back home. We headed back through the Bowling Pin field. We were out for about an hour and a half, walking for most of the ride with a little trotting in the beginning.

Monday, 8/13/12

For the first time in months, I rode Wizard in the outdoor arena. I did not feel any hint of unsoundness (HOORAY!!!!). With all the hours we’ve logged on the trail lately, I learned a few things when we returned to the arena:

– Wizard is fitter than he looks. Even though we mostly walk on the trails, it has put him in very nice condition, and he did not break a sweat in the arena.
– The trail work developed Wizard’s confidence. He did less of his nervous chewing on the bit than he usually does.
– At the moment, I am fairly fit as a rider, but RUSTY. I need to practice my equitation on the trails more.
– I sure do enjoy the scenery on trails- I’m becoming less of an arena-lover now that we’re at the new barn.

In order to avoid him hitting himself, I booted Wizard in his front and hind EquiFit T-Boots. So far, I’m really happy with them. We just did a little walk-trot-canter work since the sun was setting. By 8:30, it was pretty much too dark to keep riding. I gave him a senior feed snack after our ride, and put him to bed in his pasture.

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  1. August 17, 2012 1:09 pm

    Reading this makes me miss the Assunpink SO much.

  2. Susan permalink
    August 19, 2012 7:55 am

    I’m having the same weight issues with my ottb – I’ve had good results with rice bran added to his feed, and I also just bought a bag of omegatin – both dressed to the top of his grain. What I wouldn’t do to see him hit a thousand pounds! Love your photos!

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